Todays Fly Fisher

As you will be aware, we have had to make the sad decision to close Today’s Fly Fisher magazine. We’re aware that there hasn’t been much communication from our side, as we have been working out quite what to do in everyone’s best interests, as finances are very tough in the circumstances.

You have a choice of options for your credit. You can waive it; have it redeemed against back issues to complete your collection; make a charitable donation; or to be paid a cash refund.


Waive it

If you would see your way to waiving the liability, we’d be really grateful. We know it’s a big ask, but if it’s just a few quid it’d be a big help to us.

Back issues

We have good availability of issues 1,2,3,6,7,9 and 10, and a few of 4 and 5 (issue 8 is out of stock). If you would like any of these, you can use your credit in full payment or part payment if you then make up the difference with payment card. If you tick the button for back issues we will contact you to process your order shortly.

Charitable donation

If you don’t wish to waive your credit, then it would help enormously with the administrative burden (it’s just one part-time person now) if I could appeal to your generosity, and ask you to join me in making a one-off donation to Fishing For Schools (part of the Registered Charity No. 1121034) in lieu of the balance.

Cash refund

You are, of course, entitled to a refund if you insist, and if this is your decision, we respect that and will make the payment not later than 31 January 2020.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU MAKE A CHOICE BEFORE 31 JANUARY 2022. If you choose none of these three options, we will assume that you are happy to waive the refund entitlement.

Thank you to all the contributors, readers, advertisers and staff for their support during publication. Myself and the team loved producing the magazine and we’re all very sorry to see it close – but the prevailing market conditions (on-going in terms of commercial sales and newsstand distribution) mean the magazine cannot afford to continue.

Thank you for your understanding and tight lines.